Machinery manufacturing

We manufacture, repair machinery and automatic mechanisms.

We provide innovative solutionswith features superior to the competition. From the Persian Gulf to South Africa, from Poland to Portugal, you can find companies that rely on our own manufactured machinery.

Custom-made machinery manufactured

Present in the world

machinery workshop yedra
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Services we offer

In addition to manufacturing machinery, the company performs repair services, maintenance, lathe work, milling, welding, plasma and autogenous cutting, pneumatics, hydraulics and other engineering projects.

Why choose Taller Yedra

More than 20 years of experience in manufacturing, machinery repair and automation of industrial processes.


All the machines that we manufacture or adapt are of high quality and are homologated.

Qualified personnel

The design, maintenance and automation of machinery and processes is performed by specialists.

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  After a long trajectory manufacturing and repairing machinery and automatic mechanisms, Taller Yedra has several utility models that have allowed it to position itself in the construction sector.

Our innovative material loading and palletizing systems have facilitated the daily activity of many companies.

Our products increase collection and handling efficiency, improve occupational risk prevention and save material costs.